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Perhaps you’ve torn your rotator cuff playing sports, or maybe you’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome sitting at your computer all day long. Whatever your condition, whether acute or chronic, we know it causes pain or discomfort, and we want to help.

We work with you to develop an individual treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs — so we can help to alleviate that pain and treat your condition as effectively as possible.

Colonial Orthopedics physicians and staff take a conservative approach to your care, exhausting the treatment for your elbow, hand, wrist, or shoulder problem with non-invasive therapies before performing any necessary surgery.

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Are you tired of living with a hand or wrist injury, a chronic elbow condition, or a debilitating shoulder problem that inhibits your range of motion and limits your activities? Contact one of our offices today to schedule your initial consultation with one of our specialists. We use the most innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to help diagnose and treat you in the most optimal and cost-effective way.