Hand Therapy Services

Our certified hand therapists are specially trained to evaluate and administer treatment of the hand so that you can regain your daily living and work abilities. We strive to return our patients to the highest level of pre-condition performance possible and promote healing and halt or even reverse the advancement of disease.

How Can Hand Therapy Help Me?

Hand therapy can reduce pain and swelling, restore strength, coordination, and range of movement. It can also promote healing and reduce scar formation. Your therapist will work with you to create a treatment plan that incorporates your goals for functional improvement.

What to Expect

At your initial evaluation, your therapist will examine your hand and take measurements. Your hand and finger strength, coordination, and sensation will be tested. The therapist will measure how far you can move your joints and examine your hand for deformities, swelling, or bruising.

Common Hand Treatments

Hand therapy treatments vary and depend on the type of condition you have, the extent of your condition, and your goals. It is common for therapy to include hand exercises, splinting, and modalities, such as heat, ice, and ultrasound.

You may need to wear hand splints while your hand is resting or you are using it to do work. Hand splints can help your hand heal, reduce pain, and improve mobility.

Did You Know?

You do not have to be a patient of a Colonial Orthopaedics physician to visit our Therapy Department.

Need an Appointment?

Do you need a hand evaluation because of limited function and pain in your hand and upper extremities? Call us at 804-518-1300 to schedule your appointment today!