Hip & Knee

At Colonial Orthopaedics in the Tri-Cities area of VA, we can treat even the worst knee and hip conditions with confidence thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and our industry-leading specialists.

Performing the Latest Techniques

We’re dedicated to providing patients of all ages a range of care options to fill their individual needs, whether those needs are non-invasive care of osteoarthritis or knee arthroscopy to repair a torn ACL or a minimally invasive total hip replacement procedure.

Hip & Knee Problems Are Common

Supporting the weight of the upper body, the hip is crucial to your physical functioning. However, congenital deformity, osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures, and other conditions can compromise the hip joint and thus limit your ability to function physically.

The knee is highly susceptible to disease and injury and is the most common reason patients seek orthopaedic treatment.

Addressing Your Pain

Fortunately, Colonial Orthopaedics has both hip and knee specialists with decades of experience and extensive training in the latest treatment techniques. We utilize non-invasive options before recommending surgery.

But no matter what your condition, rest assured you’ll receive the best care from our hip and knee doctors, who devise customized treatment plans to address your pain in the most effective way possible.

Make an Appointment

If you’re having knee or hip problems, book a time to come see us. We’re accessible, friendly professionals dedicated to providing the very best care to our patients. Please schedule an appointment by completing a quick online form. Or, you can call us at 804-526-5888.