Industrial Rehabilitation

Colonial Orthopaedics Rehabilitation Program focuses on the physical and behavioral rehabilitation of injured workers. We seek to return employees to their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible using the latest occupation-relevant rehabilitation methods.

Why Industrial Rehab?

If traditional physical therapy is not sufficient for your full recovery to return to normal work activity, your doctor may recommend industrial rehabilitation. Activities to which you were accustomed before your injury may now be difficult to perform. Working for an entire day may seem impossible.

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Industrial Rehab Methods

Traditional physical therapy is often not enough to treat deconditioning, and this is where job-specific rehabilitation techniques can help. The following are some of the methods we use to help workers return to their positions as quickly as possible:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs): Screening evaluations used to determine an employee’s ability to function in various job-related circumstances and tasks.
  • Conducted over 4 to 5 hours to see your readiness to return to work.
  • Work Hardening/Conditioning: Programs that simulate your actual working conditions in order to reintroduce you into the workforce.
  • Pre-Employment Screenings
  • Impairment Ratings

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment

You don’t have to be a Colonial Orthopaedics doctor’s patient to utilize our physical therapy services. If you need work rehabilitation services following an injury, please fill out our simple online form to schedule your appointment. Or, call us at 804-518-1300 today!