Joint Replacement in the Tri-Cities

Arthritis minimizes your ability to perform daily activities, as it causes severe pain and limits joint mobility. At Colonial Orthopaedics, our specialists work with you to minimize your pain and improve your mobility first through conservative methods. We employ exercise and medication injections to treat mild and moderate forms of arthritis.

Severe Arthritis

With more severe cases of arthritis, where the bone is grinding against the bone and the joint has completely degenerated, we often recommend surgery. Colonial Orthopaedics Specialists are especially adept at performing knee, hip, and shoulder joint replacement surgeries.

Joint Replacement Surgery

In joint replacement, the damaged joint is replaced with a prosthetic joint that restores function and mobility to the area, acting much like a normal joint would. Our expert orthopaedic surgeons use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to repair or replace your damaged joints.

Our primary objective, whether you need a shoulder, hip, or knee replacement surgery, is to relieve your pain and restore function in the fastest and least invasive way possible.

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Colonial Orthopaedics is a premier provider of orthopaedic medicine in the Tri-City area of southern Virginia. To find out more or schedule an initial consultation for joint replacement surgery, please fill out a simple online form or give us a call at 804-526-5888.