Tri-Cities Physical Therapy

Colonial Orthopaedics’ physical therapists have years of experience and are ready to treat by first performing thorough evaluations before identifying and enacting a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Exercise, modalities, and the most modern manual techniques are likely to all be a part of your treatment program.

Preoperative Therapy

Colonial Orthopaedics will often recommend physical therapy before surgery as both a treatment option to try beforehand and as part of pretreatment for the surgery itself. Your physician may prescribe physical therapy before a surgical procedure to prepare the body for the best outcome.

Physician-Therapist Team

Our physical therapists work closely with our physicians to ensure your treatment plan runs smoothly and your care is completed as efficiently, quickly, and safely as possible — geared for your best potential outcome. Like our physicians and staff as a whole, our physical therapists are dedicated to your needs as a patient and will address any concerns you have throughout the treatment process.

Gym for Physical Therapy treatment

How to Get in Touch

We have 2 convenient locations from which to choose. And, you don’t need a Colonial Orthopaedics physician in order to use our physical therapy services. Please use our easy online form to book a physical therapy appointment. Or, call 804-518-1300 today!