Spine & Interventional Pain Management

Neck & Back Pain

Back and neck pain are common complaints among our patients. Whether from poor posture, arthritis that has broken down the joints to cause a pinched nerve, or general wear and tear, your back pain needs individualized treatment to properly address your pain and improve your quality of life.

Common spine conditions we treat:

Conservative Approach to Care

Colonial Orthopaedics physicians treat you exhaustively with all non-invasive techniques before recommending surgery. If surgery is warranted, our surgeons use only the very latest practices and most modern instruments available to ensure your procedure is successful.

We also have routine follow-up care with our rehab therapists so that you get maximum relief and improved comfort and mobility as fast as possible after your procedure. 

Skilled Spine Surgeon

Our spine surgeon, Dr. Prakasam Kalluri focuses on minimally invasive surgery for spinal disorders, employing the latest technologies and techniques to reduce pain rapidly, shorten recovery times, and avoid the common complications of more traditional spinal surgeries. Dr. Kalluri has office hours in our Colonial Heights and Chester locations.

Interventional Pain Management Specialist

Pain management has helped millions of patients living with both acute and chronic pain. Dr. John Snyder is fellowship trained in Interventional Pain Management and focuses on the nonoperative treatment of painful spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. He treats a number of spine and peripheral conditions with a multitude of blocks and injections.

Get Help for Your Back Pain

Colonial Orthopaedics is the Tri-City area’s answer to local neck and back pain sufferers. We offer comprehensive care that addresses mild to severe pain and a multitude of diseases and conditions. To schedule an intake appointment please fill out our simple form or give us a call at 804-518-1300.